An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon

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Where to begin??

For the record, I spent the last…hmm, 4 hours reading this to finish it, when I really should have been doing homework. Oops. But it got to that point where you just have to find out how it ends – the point of no return, shall we call it. Once that jerk took Jem, that was it for me. I looked at the clock, and said “Screw it.”

Speaking of Jem, that means that Roger has gone back for no reason at all, and has no way of knowing this unless Brianna (who else?) goes back as well to tell him! If something happens to Roger after all of this, I will be very upset – though I don’t think Diana would do it. Speaking of this whole situation, the guy’s last name is Cameron, which I totally didn’t catch on to until I saw his name again when he showed up in the study. So I’m thinking he’s a descendant of Jocasta (and also related to Bree?), knows about the gold and recognized it for what it was, and now wants to claim it again. I knew he was up to no good with Roger’s book.

I’d accidentally seen a bit of a review earlier that was upset about the cliffhanger ending. For a good 30 pages or so I was absolutely terrified that this one would end with Claire still thinking Jamie was dead, and I really don’t think I could have dealt with that for the next however many years until book 8! Not that they got much of a reunion, and Jamie certainly isn’t out of the woods yet, but at least they can both live (relatively) happily in my mind until then!

I wasn’t terribly interested in the adventures of Willie and Lord John throughout the book though – at least until they became intertwined with Jamie & Claire’s story, which I knew they would be eventually. I was always happy to see that the next chapter was about Jamie & Claire or Brianna & Roger.

It really is the characters that make these books though. When I sat down to start this book, it was so nice to reacquaint myself with them, and read about them again. They truly do become like old friends, and I realized (while fuming that Claire might not find out about Jamie, etc.) how desperately I wanted them to be happy. I know it will be a while until I can visit them again (unless I reread the series, which I very well might – at least the first!), but I do look forward to it!