Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Graham-Smith

5899779Okay, I’ve mulled this one over for a couple of days now. Initially, it was entertaining for the novelty of the whole thing. I giggled, I got out my copy of the actual novel to see if those lines were really the same, etc. The illustrations were a nice touch. But after the first few chapters, it started to get old. I mean, I know how the story ends, and I was right in assuming it would get there, just with a few zombie battles along the way. That’s not to say Grahame-Smith didn’t change anything at all, just nothing that effected the overall outcome. I did think the whole Bennet-sisters-trained-by-Chinese-martial-arts-masters-and-whipped-with-wet-bamboo thing was a really strange addition to the zombie thing, and I was actually really put off by the fact that Grahame-Smith’s version of Pemberley was Asia-influenced and featured a housekeeper with bound feet. It was just weird (like everything else).

Overall, it gets points for novelty, and for the juxtaposition of the original text with the new stuff…and for being ballsy enough to do something like this with a novel like P&P. I know a few people who were horrified by the concept, and refused to even entertain the thought of picking this up. Curiosity got the better of this P&P fan though.